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With the rapidly changing landscape surrounding the Coronavirus/COVID-19, Berrien Veterinary Services is committed to remaining open to serve the community as long as we can do so safely. Please remember that regardless of our desire to serve, we are bound by the rules and regulations set forth by the state, the governor’s office, the federal state of emergency, and the Michigan Veterinary Board. Considering all the possible methods that could be used to shut down veterinary practices, we are temporarily changing how we do business in order to best continue to serve the community. If you have not yet been to our hospital during Covid-19 regulations, please remember the following IMPORTANT instructions:

Once you are here and we take your animal, our technicians must weigh your pet, begin a billing process, and then connect with the Veterinarian on staff. At that time the doctor will perform the examination and call you with findings and/or questions. This process can take anywhere from 10-25 minutes. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE WHEN YOU ARRIVE. CALL FROM THE PARKING LOT TO LET US KNOW YOU HAVE ARRIVED. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING.

Although there may be other tasks you could accomplish during this time please do not leave the parking lot and we ask that you stay in your vehicle while we have your pet to await our call. Cold water available at the “Oasis” station in the black cooler! Please practice social distancing though.

We may have to use alternate cell phones and phone lines due to current high call volume. You might not recognize us on your caller id as it my say “restricted/blocked number.” Please answer any incoming call while we have your pet in the hospital so you are sure to get our call.

Payment is due at time of service. When our doctor calls you the office staff may be ready immediately after talking to process your payment. If you are paying by credit card please have it ready to go. We also accept checks, CareCredit and cash. Check with the office if you are needing to pay with check or cash so they can go over the safest way to do so.

The person in the car next to you may have a much shorter or longer wait. That just means that their pet is here for a different kind of appointment. We are doing our very best to move things as efficiently as possible.

However, IF YOU ARE WAITING LONGER THAN 25 MINUTES AFTER WE HAVE TAKEN YOUR PET and have not gotten a call, please call back in to check status. 269-422-1176



  • Please call ahead. We want to have your order prepared before you arrive to minimize your time at the clinic. 

  • If paying by credit/debit card, please pay over the phone before you pick up your order. This is to minimize contact between customers and staff.

  • We highly recommend customers take advantage of our online pharmacy. You can have foods, meds, and other supplies shipped direct to your home. You can visit the pharmacy at

  • We can also provide written prescriptions for clients to use outside pharmacies of their choice, such as Chewy & 1800-PETMEDS

  • **Please allow up to 48 hours to prepare written prescriptions**

  • When you arrive at the clinic – REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AND CALL THE FRONT DESK. We will set your order out on the cart if it is prepaid. Be sure to check the receipt for your name/pet’s name before taking.


We understand these procedures and protocols add frustration and length to your visit. They are burdensome on us too, but we ask you remain patient with us as we do our best to serve our clients the way we always have – with compassion and with sincere love for your four-legged family!

Because the national and state response to Coronavirus is very fluid, additional changes may be forthcoming. Please check back with this page often for the latest policies and procedures.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times. Thank you for being here.

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